Live data from the real world.

LIVIΛ is the first GDPR-compliant AI solution that rethinks the status quo of market research and Digital Out Of Home advertising.

Active realtime tracking
Footfall Gender Age groups Interaction Footpaths Conversions

Offline data becomes online data. With LIVIΛ.

LIVIΛ enables actionable live reports. Whereever your customers are and everywhere where data-driven decisions make a difference.

Trade fairs | Retail | Pop-ups | Events | Indoor and outdoor advertising | and many more...

Out-of-the-box data collection whereever your customers are.
AI-driven and GDPR-compliant.

Thanks to an innovative hardware design, all marketing-relevant data can be captured and processed without storing images by using edge processing. This makes LIVIΛ the first DSVGO-compliant solution of its kind.

With LIVIΛ, you get the real-time data you want. With a key focus laying on ease of use.

Companies that already know their customers

The physical world, quantified.
Key figures just like in online marketing. Offline.

LIVIΛ shows you who is at your location, when and where. With our easy-to-use interface, you can learn more about your audience from day one.

Footpaths | Demographics | Age | Gender | Emotions | Dwell Time | Returning Visitors | Points-of-interest | Interactions | Behavioral patterns |

active realtime tracking
Footfall Gender Age group Interactions Conversions

Data-driven advertising campaigns…. need data.

Similar to online marketing, LIVIΛ enables targeted indoor and outdoor advertising directly at the point of sale.

The difference? Deeper data insights through metrics you don’t get online, such as the exact composition of age, gender data, and emotion.

Targeted Ads | Reports | Impressions | Views | Demographics | A/B Campaign Tests | and much more

UpgrΛIde your marketing.

Get the best out of your location – with LIVIΛ.

Discover today how you can use LIVIΛ to improve your customer loyalty and secure your no-obligation demo appointment.

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